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Founded in 1974, Erodex specialise in providing a diverse range of EDM supplies such as EDM wire and wear parts, in addition to Graphites and Graphite Machining mostly for the Aerospace sector.

Due to the unrivalled quality of graphites and a state-of-the-art Machine Shop, Erodex are a leader in the EDM industry and are globally recognised as being at the forefront of Carbon and Graphite technology.

Erodex specialise in fields including graphite machiningEDM wireEDM wire spares and copper. Their wide range of expertise allows for the involvement in EDMsemi-conductor; metallurgical, electrical and mechanical applications.

Services Erodex (UK) Ltd Provide


Wire Erosion

For wire erosion users, Erodex aim to provide an expansive range of wires and ancillary products, including the UK’s most comprehensive range of EDM wire and EDM consumables, many available on a next day service.

Sink Erosion

The most comprehensive range of EDM materials available. We carry high quality graphites, as well as HDHC and Easy Machining Copper, copper and silver tungsten, tungsten carbide, pure tungsten and a complete selection of metallic EDM tubes and rods.

High Temperature

For many furnace and other high temperature applications, Erodex are able to offer parts made from extruded graphite.


Extensive range of parts and tooling for the semiconductor industries. Materials such as fine-grained graphites, ultra purified graphites, graphite foil, pure tungsten, silicon carbide and vitreous and pyrolytic graphites.


The development of carbon and graphite to produce grades suitable for the very highest demands of high temperature, lubrication, chemical inertness, dimensional stability and impermeability.

Carbon Brushes

Erodex are able to offer their customers both a unique and diverse service which brings together all of the key and applicable motor repair elements under one roof.

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